Just a thought…

"America is inherently unfair. It's supposed to be. America is inherently unequal. It's supposed to be. Your 'equal opportunity' came to fruition on the day God allowed you to be born. Since then, it has been entirely up to you. 'Equal' does not mean 'equitable'. There is a distinct difference between the two. The great conundrum of living in a free society is that the person next to you is free to be more assertive, more gifted, more intelligent and more creative than you. Likewise, you are equally as free to try and close that gap - or not. The choice is yours." - Darrell B. Harrison via Facebook June 4, 2012




Real Men Waltz

File this one under "If The Shoe Fits..." In case you haven't noticed there is a crisis in America, the origins of which, to a large extent, can be traced as far back as the Garden of Eden when God said to Eve, "Yet your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." … Continue reading Real Men Waltz

The Myth of Certainty

Growing up in inner-city Atlanta, in the public housing projects of Dixie Hills, a lesson that I learned early in life is that there would be material things that I would desire to have but could not have. That was my reality and I accepted it. My family never owned a car. If there was somewhere … Continue reading The Myth of Certainty

People Are Sheep, Too (Unfortunately)

As my own spiritual and political worldview has matured (hopefully) over the years, there remains one question, above all others I've encountered, which is so perplexing to me that, at times anyway, I find myself wanting to hurl myself headlong into the nearest brick wall. The question is this: Why is it that blacks, among the myriad of ethnicities that … Continue reading People Are Sheep, Too (Unfortunately)

On Black Pastors Who Support President Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

As I continue to study the reactions of black Christian pastors, and their congregants, to President Obama’s pronouncement earlier this month in support for same-sex marriage, I become more convinced of something I’ve feared for quite some time now – that within the “black church” there exists a doctrinal chasm the size of which you … Continue reading On Black Pastors Who Support President Obama on Same-Sex Marriage