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What Black Democrats Could Learn From a Town Drunk

I recently came across an opinion piece written by CNN Contributor Roland Martin entitled ‘Romney smart to speak to NAACP‘. In the article, Martin presents his rationale for why such an appearance could be advantageous to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and the Republican party in reaching out to black voters. However, in digesting Martin’s hypothesis, I

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Just a thought…

“America is inherently unfair. It’s supposed to be. America is inherently unequal. It’s supposed to be. Your ‘equal opportunity’ came to fruition on the day God allowed you to be born. Since then, it has been entirely up to you. ‘Equal’ does not mean ‘equitable’. There is a distinct difference between the two. The great conundrum of living in a free society is that the person next to you is free to be more assertive, more gifted, more intelligent and more creative than you. Likewise, you are equally as free to try and close that gap – or not. The choice is yours.” – Darrell B. Harrison via Facebook June 4, 2012



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