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EP # 095 | Pornography in the Church

  The statistics tell the story — pornography is a destroyer. It destroys marriages, families, careers, and reputations. In other words, pornography destroys lives. Christians are not immune to this scourge. And yet pornography remains one of the least-addressed...

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EP # 094 | Do Not Love the World

  The coronavirus continues to affect the lives of countless people around the world. But notwithstanding the casualties the COVID-19 pandemic has left in its wake, God is using that adversity to expose some things about the hearts of His people that some may not...

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God’s Love For The Unlovable

Among the more misunderstood attributes of God is His love. Admittedly, God's attributes are innumerable. God is infinite. So it stands to reason that His nature cannot fully be comprehended by our finite and limited faculties. Nonetheless, I would venture to say that...

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EP # 092 | Racial Reconciliation?

  What is “racial reconciliation”? Is it biblical? Many evangelicals seem to think it is. So much so that “racial reconciliation” has become big business with some Christian ministries and organizations. But what does Scripture have to say about the subject?...

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EP # 091 | Woke Worship (Part 2)

  A recent article in Christianity Today addressed some challenges pastors are encountering as they work to meet the felt needs of their multiethnic congregations. But should multiethnicity be a focus of the church’s mission? Just how “woke” should a worship...

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EP # 090 | Woke Worship (Part 1) [Live]

  In this special edition of the Just Thinking podcast, which was recorded live at the 2020 G3 Conference in Atlanta on Thursday, January 16, 2020, Darrell and Omaha discuss the topic of “Woke Worship” or, what they describe in theological terms as “identity...

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EP # 089 | Superstitious Christianity

  Are you a superstitious Christian? Be honest. Do you know someone who is? In fact, what is a “superstitious Christian” anyway? In this final episode of the Just Thinking podcast for 2019, Darrell and “Omaha” (Virgil) discuss a practice that many people who...

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EP # 088 | The Grace of God

  As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, the grace of God will be the focus of many pulpits and households around the world. But do we really understand what the grace of God is and means and why it is important that we, as Christians, thank God for...

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EP # 087 | Politics and the Black Church

  As Christians, to what degree should one’s theology shape or influence his or her view of politics? In this episode of the Just Thinking podcast, Darrell and “Omaha” (Virgil) discuss that question in light of a comment made recently on social media by Bishop...

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